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If you have started a renovation of your home it is very important that you are updated with the trends in home design.

Learn about the trendy interior styles in 2020. We will show you the basic tendencies with real photographs, new products and the best ideas. It’s easy to get lost in the variety of style choices for your home when there are too many offers. There are more than a hundred sections of interior decoration of apartments and houses and due to the possibility of their combining, their number increases dramatically. We tried to find out what are the trends in design in 2020 that need our attention.



The minimalism is maybe one of the trendiest and modern solutions for interior design of apartments as well as for private houses. It is very popular among people who don’t like to make their lives dependent on their belongings. This defined its main characteristics:

  • Shortage of decoration;
  • Minimum furniture
  • Lack of décor and accessories
  • Straight lines and directions

The style of the minimalism suggests mainly light colors and abundance of light. As the basic idea of this style is minimum quantity of everything, this means that each object in the room has to have some functionality. This is a great option for small area apartments. In order to put accent on the basic light color, you could use bright nuances of some things. For example, book shelves, pillows or a sofa. By the way, the flowers in the minimalism style are very highly appreciated. First, the will add colors and second, they are extremely functional – the produce oxygen.





Eco style

The ecological problems today are of top importance. More and more people discuss the global warming and look for a way to reduce their waste. Many countries have implemented the restriction of use of plastic bags and single-use cutlery on a state level. Plastic products today are being actively replaced by more ecological options. The tendencies in the interior design also reflect the global changes in society. And it’s not surprising that now designers are trying to add as much as possible furniture and décor made from natural materials. In the same time the eco style encourages the denial of animal products. Genuine leather is not used anymore, instead eco or recycled leather is used, which will express the whole love and care for our planet. Among the most suitable materials for this style are clay, flex, cotton, bamboo, wood, stone, etc. They don’t even need additional coloring – natural colors and textures help create an atmosphere of warmth and coziness. You could enrich this interior with some houseplants.





Scandinavian style

The past decade was marked by the rise of the phenomenon “studying the happiness”. First, there was the Dutch “Hygge”, after that the Swedish “Lagom”. The books provided proofs that although they live in cold and severe areas, Scandinavians are able to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in their home, drawing energy and happiness from it. At the same time, the Scandinavian style became popular a bit earlier. It combines minimalism and eco style. The main feature of this direction is the use of light nuances in the decoration of the room. The lighting elements, the textile and the houseplants could be proposed as décor elements. All of this brings home coziness of the interior.

This style has its own characteristics:

- maximum ecology – products made from vines, wooden pallets, knitted carpets, fireplaces;

- sofas with a high level of comfort;

- space and its organization;

Light colors are preferred – most often this is the white color. All natural shades are suitable for creating accents – green, wood, brown, blue and black.






An heir to the classical style in the interior design could be thought of as neo-classical. This style is more like a mixture of classical and modern style, which makes it less “adaptive” to the contemporary conditions.

The neo-classics suggests:

  • The presence of classical elements in modern design
  • Decoration from natural or artificial stone, granite, wooden coverage;
  • Modern sofas
  • Lack of furniture “wall” in the living room;

In neoclassic mainly monophonic materials are used: wallpapers or paint on light walls with no prints. Sometimes one or more walls are covered with a large wallpaper or a photo wallpaper. The use of accents in a light room is typical – brightly colored sofa, attracting the attention.


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Loft style

A relic from America’s urbanization period, when storage rooms and unfinished spaces were given for residential needs. The residents weren’t tempted to make any renovation in these places. And however strange it may seem, this outlook of the house became a whole style, and also it turned into a massive trend in 2020. From its creation on, the style of the attic has undergone some changes and corrections, but its basic features have remained untouched:

  • The use of natural elements;
  • The construction elements and the communication details (pipes, cables, stairs) are left open or, on the contrary, they are created intentionally;
  • The prevalence of brick walls, unprocessed concrete walls;
  • Artificial light is created with the help of projectors, open lamps, unordinary floor lamps;
  • No extra walls and decorative barriers;
  • Brave furniture design;
  • More windows and high ceilings;

In the loft style natural shades and construction element colors prevail unconditionally: brown, black, grey, red, white.






Japan style

Japan is a country, which is famous for its lifestyle philosophy. This reflects also the design of the house or the apartment Japan people take rest in their homes and they put their souls in the design of the spaces. Japan style interior cannot be confused for the other styles. Perhaps everyone has heard of Japan people’s love to order and routine. So this kind of pedantry is observed in the interior as well – the design of a room in this style suggests that all objects will have their place and their function. Japan style interiors will be popular in 2020 mostly because of their basic conception – the unity between man and nature. There are signs of eco style and minimalism (Japan people don’t like to design rooms with much furniture). Other distinctive characteristics of this style are:

  • The use of warm colors in the interior;
  • The priority of natural materials – mainly japan bamboo, rattan;
  • Contrast mainly between warm colors (beige-brown);
  • Zoning of the room with a foldable screen;
  • In-built furniture;

We have to note that the trend is not exactly pure japan style. Lately, the direction of “Japandi” went into the trends, which manages to mix Japan and Scandinavian motives. The Swiss architect Clare Dowdy believes that in 2020 Japandi will get trendy fast.







Yes, yes, this is no mistake. Along with the relentless minimalism, its full contrast enters the stage. The maximalism style is a comparatively new one and it emerged as the response of people, tired of too empty and neutral spaces. The bright brave nuances, different textures and materials are harmonically combined. Furthermore, the key word is exactly harmonious. The maximalism doesn’t consist of filling a room with colorful objects. It is here that a sense of style and the capability of creating a complex and diverse interior are shown. The maximalism – this is the talent of combining incompatible at first sight objects. Here you can use all the rival of the colors. Yellow, red, green and purple nuances in one room. The maximalism bravely plays with bright colors.

Other features of this style include:

  • You have a collection of statues, books, vases or wine bottles? Feel free to put it on the open shelves;
  • A special attention has to be put on the ceiling – it usually stays neutral, nut now we will leave it to be just white or beige? Put wallpapers on the ceilings or put an interesting drawing – this will make the interior vivid and extraordinary;
  • If there are objects that make you smile when you look at them, they have to be put on the eyes level for sure – travel souvenirs, a bright fabric, family photos, etc.




Other appropriate styles in 2020

Of course, the abovementioned interior styles of a house or an apartment are not the only ones. In 2020 the designers are considering couple more directions or projecting the living space. Some of them became popular relatively soon and will continue to gain speed in the new decade. And some of them are evergreens, and are less likely to gout of style at some point.

High tech

This is the most modern and technological interior style for apartments. High technologies are the perfect minimalism. This style has emerged as a result of the development of the technologies. Due to the constant technological progress, this area in the interior design is consistently improving. Today, the main characteristics of the high tech style are:

  • Monochrome coverage – there is no point in decorating the walls with wallpapers or drawings. High technologies prefer monophonic coverage in white, black, grey shades.
  • Metal – the more metal objects (lamps, shelves, etc.), the better.
  • Technologies – this aspect comes from the name itself (high technologies). Your home needs to be as practical as possible. Temperature regulating sensors, intelligent lighting, large refrigerators, control systems (cabinets or shelves which could be open with the help of a remote control). For this reason, the high tech style is appropriate for the kitchen – the most household appliances are located there (large and small).
  • Mirror surfaces – they don’t just decorate the interior, but also allow you to visually enlarge the size of the room.

Lighting – the room has to be as light as possible in all of its sections.





The cute French chic stays trendy in 2020. This design is not a Parisian apartment, it’s more a cozy house in a small village in the South part of the country. This type of interior somehow resembles the country (which is less popular today), but there are some distinctive characteristics:

  • Floral motives – they are used as finishing touches and decoration. The beautiful flower patterns can decorate wallpapers, textile or wrought iron chandeliers.
  • Pastel nuances – light pink, lavender, blue and mint – the base of the apartments designed in the Provence style;
  • Worn-out vision – the furniture that intentionally looks old are a very important element in the Provence style. This technique gives the design a special chic sense. In this way, you can create a negligence effect and at the same time the value of the object.
  • Natural materials – wood, flax, cotton – forget about the plastic elements of the bedroom décor.
  • Abundance of textile – it can decorate not only a bed or a sofa. The beautiful curtains, towels, tulle, table covers, carpets and many others with give the room coziness and warmth.





African style

In 2020 designers are still willing to experiment and to go far from the traditional styles by taking unordinary decisions. The African motives in the interior of a house or an apartment are brave and unusual. Among the main characteristics of the African style are:

  • Bright, warm nuances – orange, red, yellow
  • Prints, imitating animal fur (zebras, giraffes, cheetahs).

As décor elements you could use African masks or statues.





In the past it was this style that replaced the classical style. By that time, it was considered quite brave and creative. Today, modern style is closer to the classical style than to the contemporary one. It is true that this style has its own characteristics:

  • Incompatible modern suggestions for combining materials, textures and shapes, which combination is hard to imagine. In this case (when done by professional interior designers) the result is outstanding.
  • Presence of patterns on the walls or wood carvings on the furniture.
  • The use of natural materials – bronze, glass, genuine leather, parquet or stone – modern style is a brave luxe, which has to be felt in every detail
  • Warm colors.
  • Extra lighting. It allows you to create accents in some parts of the room.





Italian style

This style is very close to the Mediterranean style. This is due to the close location of Italy to the sea and the specific love of local people for easy and fun life. These interiors usually stand out with light pastel colors in the decoration and at the same time an abundance of original Italian accessories which complete the design of the room. Among the characteristics of the Italian style are:

Antique furniture and accessories

The pieces of furniture are decorated with beautiful wood carvings and decorative details. The abundance of light creates warm and cozy atmosphere. Some methods of decoration are – mosaics, rendering, wall painting, etc.





Arabic style

The Arabic fairytales have been charming us since our childhood. And today their motives have entered the interior design. The sophistication and the special culture allow you to get an elegant design with patterns and ornaments that are typical for the Muslim countries. Among the elements of the Arabic style are:

  • Large carpets with typical oriental ornaments.
  • Natural materials in decoration.
  • As a décor – mosaics, high columns.
  • The beautiful textile on the windows could be pelmets or heavy curtains.




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