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In order to be sure that you receive the most suitable information and the best services when you visit our webpage www.nazardecor.com, information and data will be collected with the use of the so-called “cookies”. This helps us (and also other authorized third parties) to ensure you personalized experience when you visit our website. It also allows us to improve our services and to make sure that you will easily find what you are looking for. We want you to understand the way in which we use these technologies, therefor, this Cookies Policy explains the types of technology we use, what they do and your personal choice in regard of their use.

What are cookies?

Cookies are little pieces of data, which are sent to your Browser from a webserver and are stored on your device, in a way, which allows the website to recognize your computer.

There are two types of cookies – persistent and temporary or “session” cookies.

Persistent cookies are stored as a file on your computer or mobile device for a long period of time.

Session cookies are put temporarily on your computer, when you visit our website, but they disappear, when you close the page, which means that they are not permanently stored on your device.

Most companies use cookies on their websites in order to improve usability.

Cookies cannot harm your files or increase the risk of viruses on your computer.

We and our service providers can use the following types of cookies:

Essential cookies

These cookies are strictly essential, so that the website could execute its functions. We use these cookies for example:

  • To identify the authenticity and identity of our users when they use our website, so that we could provide our services.
  • To be able to comply with our Terms and Conditions and to maintain the security of our services.

Performance and functionality cookies:

These cookies are not strictly necessary, but they allow us to personalize your online experience on our web pages. We use these cookies for example:

  • To store your preferences so that you don’t have to re-enter information you have already provided /for example when you enter your data in order to access our services/
  • To collect information about the way in which our users use our services, so that we can improve our website and our services and to make market researches (for example: information on popular pages, watching habits, clicks count, number of shares, number of likes on a particular page, last visited pages, voting in comments)

Advertisement cookies

We use these cookies for example:

  • To collect information about the way you use our internet pages, for example pages you visit or the way you react to advertisements, so that we can provide advertisements, which are suitable for you
  • To define which are the most popular parts of our websites
  • To track the use of our services and our websites (frequency and duration)
  • To track the progress of a particular product
  • To define how often you and the other users visit our websites
  • To execute polls so that your interference with our websites and with us could be improved

Often these cookies aim the provision of advertisements, which are suitable for you – on our websites and on other places. This type of advertisements is known as “interest based advertising”. Many of these types of cookies are owned by our service providers.

Session cookies

It is possible that we use session cookies, for example:

  • To allow you to navigate through the different pages on our website, without the need of logging in again, as well as to navigate through the websites of the MTG Group. This practice is known as a “single sign on”
  • To be able to recognize you when you come back to our website in order to use our services
  • To take test answers so that we can show you your result
  • To collect and keep the answers of a questionnaire form (so you don’t have to fill it again and again)

How do we use cookies?

We use the information from the cookies so that we can make our internet pages more enjoyable and easy to use by the users and so that we can ensure you personalized recommendations

Third-party cookies:

We also use some third-party cookies as part of our services. Those cookies are managed by the corresponding websites and are not controlled by us. Below we have listed third-party cookies which we use, some of which might be switched off with the help of common settings of your web browser. Others might be switched off if you visit the corresponding websites and follow the instructions provided.

Google Analytics – to generate statistics about the traffic on our websites and its sources as well as to convert measures and sales – for refusal click here

Facebook Pixel – as an analysis tool. For more information, click here

https://youtube.com – shows information about embedded video from the website youtube.com

vbox7.com – shows information about embedded video from the website vbox7.com

How to delete cookies?

You could choose whether to accept cookies or not. If you want to know when your computer receives a cookie, you could set your browsers in a way that it informs you about this. Thus you have the opportunity to accept or refuse a particular cookie.

Your computer could be set to reject all cookies. If you want to understand how to do this, visit aboutcookies.org. Please, pay attention that the changes in your browser that deactivate the cookie function will also block parts of our websites to function properly, including the “log in” function and the “playback” function.

Changes in our Cookie Policy

All future changes in our Cookies Policy will be published on this webpage.

If necessary, we will notify you about eventual changes by email according to our Terms and Conditions.

All changes come into force immediately, excluding already existing clients, for which these changes come into force 30 days after they have been published, unless something else has been specified.