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The current GDPR Policy is aimed to inform you about how Nazar Décor treats your personal data as an administrator, as well as about how could you control your preferences and settings in correspondence with this treatment. Our team’s fundamental mission is to provide you with thorough and objective information about news, current events and other topics on our website.

What does this GDPR Policy regulate and what is the legal basis

            Since May 25th 2018, Bulgaria starts the implementation of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It is issued by the European Union and its aim is to equal the member states’ policies related to collecting and using personal data. Another purpose of this Regulation is to guarantee our right of inviolability, to protect our personal data in order provide a higher level of security against misuse of the personal information of every one of us. The new Regulation comes with a series of requirements which Nazar Décor follows. You can get acquainted with them here.

Among them are: To inform you what type of data we use. To inform you why we use this type of data. To require your consent to use this data, when we deliver additional services based on this data, such as personalized advertisements, for example. To give you the opportunity to change your consent for different purposes through this website, so that you have more freedom. To guarantee you the right to insist on correcting your data, deleting it as well as the option “to be forgotten”. In addition, we could provide you with the possibility to download the data or transfer it, if you inform us and verify your identity in the corresponding manners. To state all third parties / other companies who we exchange your data with. Bear in mind that the Internet is a global network, we often use standardized services which register your log in and track your behavior in an anonymous way, for example Google Analitycs/ All data, which allow a particular user to be identified are considered personal data. It could be email, names, phone number, address, IP address.

What type of data we collect from our registered users

Nazardecor. Com collects specific data from its website users from their registrations, in order to analyze their behavior, as well as to present to them more relevant content and advertisements. We collect the following types of data:

Data collected from all visitors of our websites

In the website we collect data from all visitors – registered users and non-registered visitors, namely:

Name (for registered users)

IP address

Users identifier with high level of uniqueness

Devise identifier for mobile applications with high level of uniqueness

Browser identifier with high level of uniqueness

History of visited pages, including secondary processing, aimed at determining your favours in particular content types.

History of your searches in our pages.

Some types of behavior – for example, a list with the viewed advertisements according to their category and your interaction with them – availability of the advertisement in the visible part of your browser; clicks count; clicks on advertisement hide buttons and others.

Data collected from cookies reading:

When users use our services and websites portfolio – read news, watch video, use email, etc., cookies are among the data which helps us understand how our services work best and to make them better for you. Cookies are small text files, which are sent from the web server to the browser and are stored on your device so that the website can recognize them. There are two types of cookies – persistent and temporary or “session” cookies. Persistent cookies are stored as a file on your computer or mobile device for a long period of time. Session cookies are stored on your computer temporarily when you visit a site from our portfolio, but they are deleted in the moment you close the webpage. Most of the cookies do not contain sensitive information about you or personal data through which we could directly identify you. The main purposes for which we use cookies are basically tracking your behavior in the following directions:

  • Tracking website sections;
  • How much time you spend on our website;
  • When do you visit our websites and websites of our partners serving our java scripts, etc.

Who we share and reveal your personal data with

Sometimes we store part of information on our servers or send it to third parties. This is necessary, so that we can ensure the best experience when using our services and sometimes to be able to provide availability and access to the required service.

Nazar Décor doesn’t provide right of use, doesn’t sell, doesn’t reveal and share information about you (personal data, according to GDPR) with other parties or with unrelated companies, unless we have to in order to provide required services and when you have given your permission, or in any of the following hypothesis:

The information is provided to trusted partners who work on assignment from Nazar Decor on the basis of contractual relationship and under the power of confidential accords. These companies could use such information so that Nazar Décor can provide advertisements to its users. Despite this, these companies are not eligible to share this information separately. Some of these companies are, but not limited to: Google with their own products: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel: Facebook with their own: Facebook Tracking Pixel, Facebook Tools – Plug-in “like” button, Sign in with Facebook profile, etc.

The information is in execution of the lawful prescriptions of court orders on legitimate    requests from authorized bodies (in accordance to Electronic communications law, Code of Criminal procedure, Penal Code, etc.) If you don’t want us to send the information to any of our partners, you could decline your consent after you contact us via the given phone numbers, website or email.

Data protection

When we store information, it is physically written on our own servers and encrypting modules. The coverage of the stated standards guarantees the maximum security of the data of our users. We restrict the access to your information from employees, working under Nazar Décor supervision, excluding the cases when there are reasonable grounds for them to work with this information in order for you to receive services or in relation to the work obligations of these employees. We have physical, digital and process security means (modules), which correspond to our legal obligations in terms of your data protection.

How much time we store the information

The storing of the data continues until we have a reason for its storing. For example – our user has given his consent to fully view the website (ALLOW COOKIES) or to receive notifications and similar ones. We apply the following storing terms on the different types of personal data according to their purpose:

For the purpose of measuring the user behavior on the website – according to the validity period of the recording of the corresponding biscuit; In terms of traffic data, Electronic communications law is applied and the data is stored for the period of 6 months. This data is given to specialized authorities and institutions only when there is a seasonable ground an in accordance to the legal requirements.

Rights of data subjects, according to GDPR

Right to access your personal data: you have the right to receive confirmation from us whether your personal data is processed and if this is the case, you have the right to access the personal data and information.

Right to amend personal data: if you find out that the personal data which we process is not actual, you have the right to make us correct this personal data.

Right to delete personal data (right to be forgotten): Under some particular circumstances, as for example if your personal data has been illegally processed or you have withdrawn your consent (if the processing of your personal data is based on consent), you have the right to demand and receive the deleted data from us.

Right to restrict data processing: under some particular circumstances, as for example if you doubt in the correctness of your data or you have made an objection on our legitimate purpose of your personal data processing, you have the right to demand us to restrict the processing of your data until a proper solution is found.

Right of objection to data processing: under some particular circumstances, as for example

If you doubt our legitimate interest in processing your data, you have the right to object against such processing, in considerations related to the particular situation.

Right to data portability: if your personal data is processed automatically with your consent or with the purpose of executing our contract agreements, you have the right to demand from us to give you your personal data in a machine readable format in order for it to be transferred to another data administrator.

Right to filing a complaint to a supervisory body: you have the right to file a complaint in regards of our processing of your data to a relevant supervisory authority.

Website administrator: Network Technology Ltd, Unique Identification Code 202243234, phone: +359 888 346344, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please note that inquiries on execution of rights of data subjects in regards to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 sent by mail or courier require additional identity confirmation through presentation of an ID document on-site or through sending the request by email, signed with digital signature of a natural person.