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A Japan style youth apartment

We present you a project of a small youth apartment in Japan style. To bring the typical look for this style we have used elements and colors which resemble the famous Japan gardens with cherry blossom and the breath of the ocean and the sea, with the eternally rising sun and the flying cranes. The warmness of the wood, which is typical for this style is mixed with modern elements and mild colors. The apartment went through some construction amendments, in order for it to become more functional and spacious. The curtains and the prints on the walls and the furniture are made by our individual order, so that we could enlarge the feeling of Asian style. Light colors dominate, mixed with many colorful accents and wooden elements.

We have tried to take maximum advantage of the space, which isn’t big, so that it is practical and at the same time to create space for the young lady who will reside there.

Friday, 10 December 2021