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A project for a child’s room with non-standard design

The child bedroom is the only place in the house which children could call their own, so it’s not a surprise that they like to put their mark on it and to express themselves through the décor. This wonderful space should help you get on a nice car which is the favorite one of the child for which we created the interior. We asked him and his mother what they would like and we listened to them. We helped them think on what they use the room for and how we could apply their ideas.

The playground area begins with stickers or a wall-writing, representing the racing track, favorite to many boys and finishes with the overall track on the floor. The floor is decorated with softened EVA floor coating which has a print on our individual design. Part of the toys are located at proper height and the adding of the plaid details adds real dimensions to this little Formula 1.

We accepted and realized the idea that the child had for his bedroom, just like we feel and build the ideas for your own space. We are not afraid of non-standard things and we had a lot of fun in the process of the creation of this room. This fairy track stage is created with wall paintings, stickers, bright colors and lights and it has an impressive final result. If you want to make something out-of-the-box, you can contact us, so that we paint your child’s dreams.

Friday, 10 December 2021