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Honey Gloss

In the recent 2014, copper entered the interior as one of the main materials used. This is a continuation of the brass trend that dominated the vision in previous years.

Whatever the reason, the copper was greeted with applause, as it increased energy with its warm tone and looked even more beautiful with dark charcoal gray and woody green.

Ecological, durable, continuously recyclable, antimicrobial, universal; we used copper as a small decorative accent. Kitchen handles and small elements in a copper hue bring aesthetics by warming the look of the otherwise graphite gray space. Marble gray kitchen tiles that continue in the hallway contrast coolly and emphasize the copper base of the kitchen cabinets. The soft copper decoration of the mirror in the dining area and the delicate chandeliers with small copper elements give life to the interior and the gray modern sofa. To bring a generous effect to the accent color, copper sconces add a nice fine touch to the coffee-colored wall. A structural support column is lined with modern illuminated paneling and a living wall garden to match the selective chairs on the kitchen island. A small stool stands next to the sofa that divides the open-plan room into a separate dining area and living room. In front of the sofa there is a table with a copper accent, which provides a stylish atmosphere for the TV and the library. The luxury dining set has a table placed on wide metal legs in dark graphite, which complement the surrounding graphite elements. graphite elements. Copper accents and wood surfaces in the living room are mixed as a harmonious shade.

There is something chic and cozy in the home, which includes white and wood. That's why we used this combination in the very small plan. White gives an ethereal feel that opens up the space, while wood gives it an overall elegant feel. Combined, the effect is simply stunning.

The children's room is the iceberg of this home. We used status quo shapes for furniture to soften the irregular shape of the room and create a fairytale world for the child who will inhabit it. Again, we focused on the clean combination of white and wood, adding color accents to create a feeling of a rainbow on a white sheet.

We hope this project of ours inspires you for something new and different.


Thursday, 03 February 2022