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Partial renovation of a family home

When you buy a new house and you want to make it a dream home, but at some moment you realized that you are going in the wrong direction and you don’t know how to continue, we could help you. This was the desire of our clients in this small panel apartment. The clients had bought some furniture for the living room which we had to keep and they had painted the walls in colors that also had to stay. The canvas wasn’t white but we managed to add freshness and coziness on a small budget and with little effort. We changed some of the furniture doors in a nice grey shade with a glossy finish, so that we can better the not so pleasant chess pattern of dark and light wood. The blue accents gave a much more pleasant look of the brown – beige colors which the space had plenty of. The combination of blue and brown shades is often observed in nature – sky and trees, sea and mountains, ground and blue flowers on it. The ensemble of these colors is considered to be one of the most harmonious and favorable for interior. Such color scheme brightens the interior in the summer, while in winter it resembles sea and sun. It is universal throughput the whole year. The bedroom was absolutely untouched, because the clients had felt that they could not go on be themselves. They didn’t like many of colors and the shapes and we had to work with neutral, but trendy colors for interior design. The lighting and accessories in dark graphite shades are the accents in this mild and cozy interior.

Friday, 10 December 2021