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Renovation of a bedroom – grey and white elegance

We introduce to you a project of a modern interior bedroom in white, grey and wood, with an atmosphere that makes you relax. The colors are calming, the furniture is minimum. We haven’t put anything too complicated that would distract and exhaust the mind, but there is a clear and confident sense of style, for a full relaxation and self-esteem. The little accents in a raspberry color are the perfect extra nuance for the grey and help soothing the dark colors. This is extremely important in the bedroom, in order to escape the too cold and hostile grey color. The wooden paneling is the perfect background for a sophisticated parent bedroom. The wooden panels resemble the seaside style without it being too much and to warm the grey-white color palette. We added extra elegant touch with the two lamps in chrome and gentle grey. Snowy white bed sheets, enriched with soft grey pillows and a bed cover finish the elegant look of the room. We added a bench under the window, creating the ideal, light and comfortable space for reading. The in-built TV has open shelves at one of its ends to keep the reading materials handy. The in-built corner dressing table is a part of the whole ensemble of furniture and creates a comfortable and private space for the young host of the house. The bedroom has to be a calm and cozy place. If you want to be in good health physically and mentally and to relax enough, you could certainly do this in this grey and white space.

Friday, 10 December 2021