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Rhapsody for two in blue

We offer to your attention one of our latest projects of a small apartment for two.

It’s not an easy task to choose the accent color for a small apartment. It has to be a color that you like, a shade with a bit of flexibility for future additions and decorations, color which looks good in every room at every time of the day. This apartment shows that the blue theme is the perfect solution! This space has a quite limited plan – you can stand in one of the corners and see the whole interior – so the putting of extra hard work on the color selection is quite reasonable. If blue is part of your favorite palette, this interior could help you with the inspiration of your next big re-design.

This overview starts with a colorful and stylish apartment for a couple around the beautiful nature of the Pancharevo lake. This is a compact space with a total area of only 50 sq.m., but it still manages to create spacious and comfort environment with all conveniences. The neutral color palette, the blue accents and the sophisticated accessories show that even compact homes can look stylish. The kitchen is compact but well organized, so that everything is tidy and there is enough space for a dining area in the small space.

The bathroom is in inspiring dark shades. The black and flat surfaces look like they swallow the indirect lighting, which is also in blues shades in order to bring elegance and chick to the black. The wooden elements make the small space warm and cozy.

The bedroom is small, but well organized with everything needed for an individual space. Our goal was to create the perfect place for work and relax. The mild colors, the streams of light and the well-organized closet area create the feeling of calmness and tidiness.

The owner of this apartment wanted shared spaces but he also craved individuality when the residents become two. The result is quiet and hospitable interior, which brings joy with its evergreen style, achieved through the use of neutral colors and exceptional emblematic furniture.

The grey elements are filled the energy that the sun reflects on them.

Friday, 10 December 2021