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Sunshine studio

For every young person a beautiful and modern small studio Is enough so that he can live fully and in comfort with himself. We made a project for such studio for one of our clients. Our purpose was to use the minimal space to its fullest, so that a comfortable and modern little home could be created. Separate areas are made for the bed, the living room, the kitchen and even a working space. We have chosen modern furnishing. In this way every corner of the home shows and beauty. The sun lights the room and creates the feeling of more space. The vertical way of storage in the apartments is a key factor for the use of the small space. The interior design is based on simple shades and nuances. The charming print on the wall enriches the interior in the small studio. The many open shelves are a practical way to store things without closing the space. The glass screen separates the bed from the rest of the home and allows the space to be one whole and in the same time to be separated in different zones. We have used mainly glass and transparent materials, so that we could allow the studio to breathe.

Friday, 10 December 2021