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Each project that we create is individually designed on criteria, set by you. This is why we pay a lot of attention on our communication with you, that gives us the opportunity to get to know everything you like in the interior world. Styles and colors that you like, the details which bring you pleasure and the functionality which you need in order for your daily life to be effective and pleasant. If you already have created a vision of what you want and you have a bunch of interior design pictures which have impressed you, this will help is to make your dream interior.
Before we start with the creation of your conceptual design, it’s very important to clarify the frameworks of your budget for overall construction and furnishing. This will give us the chance to orientate in the size of the construction amendments that will be done and on the price range of your furnishing and the accessories in your place.

The creation of the project is a step by step process and is entirely controlled by you.


Photographing the place – We visit the place, take the needed measurements and we note any particularities.

Functional distribution – We continue to the creation of a 2D plan view from above with furniture distribution, which is fictitious and made in several options. In order to ensure a better functionality of the spaces we could propose you options for the construction or the removing of internal walls, the plumbing and electricity systems construction, which may resolve problems related to achieving the final result that you want. You will choose the options and we will accomplish them.



Conceptual design – after you have approved the furniture distribution plan, 3D visualizations are made /up to 3 visualizations for a given space and up to 3 possible solutions/, in which we propose options for the style and the color of the furniture.

Working project – the working project has to reflect all of the corrections you have made on the conceptual design. After your approval we move onto the drawing of working plans, intended for the subcontractors and needed for the execution of all construction works. All plans are attached with the needed documentation.